Piano: Smidt & Wegener serial number 5269/581

Smidt & Wegener was established in St. Petersburg in 1876

The action parts of the piano were purchased by Smidt & Wegener from Germany.
The keys were produced by Herman Kluge,keymaker, established 1876.
The action (hammers and whippens, etc.) were produced by Piano-Mechanik-Fabrik, established in Berlin O. This action was given a code number of 201188.
The piano still has the original ivory keytops. (describe the condition and color)

There is no record of the serial numbers of this manufacturer to determine the exact date of manufacture. Based on the style of the cabinet, and the report from the technician that it has a modern style action, it appears that this piano was manufactured after 1890, probably around 1900.

To understand the context of this piano, a review of the history of St. Petersburg may be useful: http://www.britannica.com/bcom/eb/article/3/0,5716,117463+1+109512,00.html

Study the historical events from the late 1860s through the first half of the 20th Century and you may get clues as to why a German piano manufacturer may have had high hopes that were later dashed. The severe social and economic disruptions caused by the Russian Revolution and the World Wars may be the reason why there are no records of the serial numbers for Smidt & Wegener.