Global Language and Culture Institute
Western New Mexico University
P.O. Box 680
Silver City, NM 88062
Attn: Ms. Jean Hall, Bowden Hall
(505) 538 2682

20 December 1994
Prospectus for Proposed Program

TO: Potential Advisory Board Members and Client Institutions

A group has formed on the campus of WNMU to discuss the possibility of a Global Language and Culture Institute that would meet a variety of needs in the community. You are invited to contribute to the planning and vision of this project.

The current thinking is to create a university based institute that would conduct and coordinate an intensive English and Spanish language courses and a variety of related projects and activities. It is expected that this would complement, and even serve some programs that now exist.

There is a global trend toward international cooperation in business, education, and social programs. This center could provide intensive English language development courses for international professionals, college students, and workers. Students for the English component could be recruited locally and from Mexico as well as all of Latin America, the Pacific Rim, Europe, and Africa.

There is a need to develop a greater national capacity for Americans to understand other cultures and languages in order to enhance our economic competetiveness in the international community. This institute could provide intensive Spanish language development courses for U.S. professionals, college students and teachers. Students for the Spanish component could be recruited nationwide as well as from other countries interested in working in Latin America.

The GLCI would sponsor a Native American Languages and Cultures Center that would focus on recruitment and retention through graduation of New Mexico and Arizona students who belong to the various Indian Nations.

This center could also organize special events and programs, a language laboratory and library, perform research, training and development, and sponsor study and teaching abroad. The institute would serve every department on campus who desires assistance with cross cultural communication, support for native students, international contacts, or English development for international students. In addition to English and Spanish, the Center could coordinate projects related to Native American studies and communication with countries with other languages.

Other benefits to our community may include jobs and internships, a natural research laboratory for cross cultural studies,to enhance Grant County quality of life through the recognition of our place in the global landscape, and the enhancement of economic development by bringing in many people for extended stays.

The Institute is now soliciting contributions of time, ideas and money. This project will likely produce adequate returns for investors.
Please contact one of the following: Jean Hall (538 2682), Roy Howard (538 6101), Donna Rees, Tony Macías, Patricia Cano, Bill Toth, Ed Hall,

April 25