Roy E. Howard, Ph.D.
Gallup Graduate Studies Center, Western New Mexico University
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Creative work: I create a packet of course materials for each course using "Adobe Pagemaker". These packets are textbooks that I write and publish through the Bookstore for my students. I am beginning to convert some into e-book format for my students. They purchase a CDRom instead of a paper copy. Example. I have not included samples of the packets in this web site because they are so large with extensive use of graphics and special fonts such as Navajo or the International Phonetic Alphabet.

(G) - graduate (U) - undergraduate
Western New Mexico University
(G) Leadership for Secondary ESL
(G) Leadership for Elementary ESL
(G) Internet for Classroom Instruction
(G) Multimedia Production for Educators
(G) Technology Basics for Educators
(G) Hispanic Culture
(G) Teaching Methods directed study
(G) Multicultural Challenge
(G) Internship: Teaching English as a Foreign Language
(G) Education in a Pluralistic Society
(G) Integration of Technology in the Curriculum
(G) Family Empowerment
(G) Family Empowerment Research
(G) History and Philosophy of Education
((G) Directed Research
(G),(U) Methods in a Foreign Language
(G),(U) Bilingual Methodology and Materials
(G),(U) Second Language Teaching: Theory and Methodology
(G),(U) English Phonology
(G),(U) Introduction to Linguistics
(G),(U) Indo-Hispanic Culture
(G),(U) Teaching of Reading in Spanish
(G),(U) Cross Cultural Patterns
(G),(U) Urban Mexican American Experience
(G),(U) Traditional Mexican American Music
(G),(U) Traditional Music of the Mexicans and Latin Americans
(U) Mariachi Music Ensemble
(U) Current Issues in Bilingual Education

Texas Tech University
(G) First and Second Language Acquisition
(G) Curriculum and Materials Development for Teaching English as a Second Language
(G) Classroom Management in the Bilingual Setting
(G) Research
(G) Dissertation
(G),(U) Practicum in Bilingual Education and ESL
(G),(U) Teaching the Multilingual/multicultural Student
(G),(U) Foundations of Bilingual Education
(U) Dual Language and Cognitive Development
(U) Sociocultural Considerations for Teaching
(U) Teaching Language and Literature to the Bilingual Adolescent
(U) Student Teaching in the Elementary School
(U) Student Teaching for Early Childhood Education
(G) Doctoral committee for Susan Martin, Gonzalo Ramirez, Linda Green, Sue Espinoza, Socorro Herrera-Terry, George Thatcher, Daniel Gomez, Paul Carlos Anaya, Ruth Sewell, Salvador Garcia, Vangie Pearson (M.S.).
(G) Represented the graduate school at dissertation defenses 10 times 1988 to 1990.

University of New Mexico
(U) Jr. Block Methods, Student Teaching
(G) Advanced Field Experience in Navajo Bilingual Education
(G) Curriculum and Materials Development in Bilingual Ed

Eastern Washington University
(U) Adult Beginning Class Guitar
(U) Elementary (Lab) School Beginning Guitar

Roy E. Howard, Ph.D.
Gallup Graduate Studies Center, Western New Mexico University
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